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Net::EmptyPort - find a free TCP/UDP port
Test::TCP - testing TCP program
Test::TCP::CheckPort - check if a port is open from command line
Changes for version 2.06
    • commit 8259d5eb28919bc766c8b500151d5be7e944b7f2
    • Author: Petr Písař <ppisar@redhat.com>
    • Date: Fri Jun 27 13:37:20 2014 +0200 Wait infinitely if max_wait is negative The t/12_pass_wait_port_options.t will fail if the server process does not start listening in max_wait limit. This can happen if the host is loaded or just if the scheduler decides to postpone the process. This patch adds possibility to wait infitely by passing a negative max_wait value to the Test::TCP object and it changes the t/12_pass_wait_port_options.t test to use this feature. https://github.com/tokuhirom/Test-TCP/issues/28 Signed-off-by: Petr Písař <ppisar@redhat.com>

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