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Changes for version 0.44

  • Added UR::Context::AutoUnloadPool - a mechanism for automatically unloading objects when a leaving a scope. Added methods to UR::Object::Type to introspect methods names relating to is_many properties. The MetaDB no longer tracks owner/schema. Classes using tables not in the default schema should have their table_name listed as "schema.table". Added copy() constructor to UR::Object Removed old, deprecated filter parser for turning text into a UR::BoolExpr within UR::Object::Command::List Meta-params like -order_by are now allowed in a delegated property's where clase. Retrieving values for doubly-delegated properties is more efficient. An id-by delegated property can point to a class with multiple ID properties. The linking value is the composite ID. Observers now have a 'once' property. Setting it to true ensures the callback will only ever fire one time. The Observer is deleted. Properties can have a 'calculated_default' subref. Works like default_value, but the return value from the subref is the default value rather than have a hardcoded default. Fixes to work with newer versions of SQLite Added __rollback__() to UR::Object, called when the base Context rolls-back. Subclasses can override this to provide special behavior during rollback. The override should also call SUPER::__rollback__().
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