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Changes for version 0.94 - 2011-10-23

  • Added reset key Z to reset the cube to a solved state
  • merged from mathshell branch
  • added view angle controlled by mouse movement
  • added net representation of the cube


just some moves made repeatedly to a rubik's cube
Rubik's cube game


Module for describing equivalence classes
A parametrized role to abstract the characteristics of a group.
The alternating group of degree n.
An implementation of the finite dihedral group D_2n
The group (Z_n,+)
The direct product of two groups
An implementation of the finite symmetric group S_n
This module describes a group homomorphism
Module for manipulating permutations
This module describes permutation cycles
An algorithm for finding the disjoint cycle decomposition of a permutation.
A module which implements various methods or criterions for testing irreducibility of polynomials in Z[X]
Rubik's cube
Tuples of elements from different groups
The view module for Rubik's cube simulator


in lib/CM/Group/
in lib/CM/Polynomial/
in lib/CM/Polynomial/
in lib/CM/Polynomial/