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Changes for version 0.0_5

  • adding distversion and a few leftover modules

Changes for version 0.0_4

  • Deprecation notice in favor of Dist::Zilla

Changes for version 0.0_3

  • Added the Build* modules to the MANIFEST (and the distro)

Changes for version 0.0_2

  • Added a Github action
  • Beefed up the dependencies in Build.PL
  • Added a Builder step (parent class for Build-specific steps)
  • Added a beginning of documentation

Changes for version 0.0_1 - 2008-11-08

  • Initial release


releases a distribution to CPAN
Query and modify Perl modules versions


manages the process of releasing a module (DEPRECATED)
pushes repository changes to Github
verifies that the manifest is up-to-date
builder-specific step parent class


in lib/Dist/Release/
in lib/Dist/Release/Action/
in lib/Dist/Release/Action/
in lib/Dist/Release/Action/GenerateDistribution/
in lib/Dist/Release/Action/VCS/
in lib/Dist/Release/Action/VCS/Tag/
in lib/Dist/Release/
in lib/Dist/Release/Check/Manifest/
in lib/Dist/Release/Check/
in lib/Dist/Release/Check/VCS/
in lib/Dist/Release/Check/VCS/BumpedVersion/
in lib/Dist/Release/Check/VCS/
in lib/Dist/Release/Check/VCS/WorkingDirClean/
in lib/Dist/Release/
in lib/Dist/Release/Step/
in lib/Dist/Release/