Changes for version 0.090007_01

  • Fix bug where positions transformed are not unique (GH#6). Fixes bug reported by Mark Fowler (2shortplanks++) at GH#1.
  • CoreSignatures: Do not output empty signature. Fixed by Diab Jerius (djerius++) at GH#2.
  • Ellipsis: new plugin for ... statement at GH#4.
  • Pass parent grammar from ::Match to ::SubMatch at GH#5.
  • SubstituteAndReturn: support implicit s///r on $_ and chained s///r at GH#7, GH#8.
  • PackageBlock, PackageVersion: new plugins for extended package declaration syntax at GH#9, GH#10.
  • PostfixDeref: Add minimum dependency on PPR 0.001004 which updates definition of PerlTerm (GH#11) which fixes bug reported by Diab Jerius (djerius++) at GH#3. Thanks to Damian Conway on the fix.
  • PostfixDeref: Add support for postderef_qq interpolation, ->$#*, and consecutive arrowless subscripts at GH#12.
  • DefinedOr: Fix parentheses for transformation of //= due to precedence at GH#14.
  • PostfixDeref: change transform to dereference directly instead of using map at GH#13, GH#15.
  • Add documentation for plugins.


transform files between signature syntax versions


transform files between signature syntax versions
EXPERIMENTAL Babel-like for perl
Plugin for signatures feature
Plugin for defined-or (//) syntax
Plugin for ellipsis / yada yada yada statement
Plugin for package block syntax
Plugin for package version syntax
Plugin for postfix dereferencing
Plugin to convert Syntax::Keyword::Try to eval
Plugin to convert @_ unpacking to signature syntax
Plugin for state keyword
Plugin for /r flag for substitution and transliteration


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