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Changes for version 1021

  • Change: ed3e9bb321afac527f8a00e8856eb78f91eb435b Author: Zach Thompson <> Date : 2018-06-12 13:05:25 +0000
    • Merge pull request #392 from duckduckgo/zaahir/add-new-releaser
    • Add Marcos to releasers list
  • Change: 1fb94725cce2b77d17825ebe4bf09fcd9130bbb9 Author: Zaahir Moolla <> Date : 2018-06-12 15:04:21 +0000
    • Add Marco to releasers list


Command line tool for using the DuckPAN of DuckDuckGo


The DuckDuckGo DuckPAN client
Base class for commands of DuckPAN
Command for checking the requirements
Env command class
Base class for Env commands
Gets the specified env variable
List commands and usage
List all env variables
Removes the specified env variable
Sets the specified env variable value
Launch help page
Install the distribution in current directory
Regular way to install requirements with tests
Take a name as input and generates a new, named Goodie or Spice instant answer skeleton
Starting up the publisher test webserver
Command line tool for testing queries and see triggered instant answers
Install requirements as fast as possible
Starting up the web server to test instant answers
Command for running the tests of this library
Configuration class of the duckpan client
DDG related functionality of duckpan
Searches a given output.txt file for a query match
Simple role for classes which carry an object of App::DuckPAN
Commands that can be run from anywhere.
Perl related functionality for duckpan
Main application/loop for duckpan query
Automatic restarting of application on file change
Template to generate one file of an Instant Answer
Parse the template definitions file to create templates and template sets
Set of templates an Instant Answer
Webserver for duckpan server
Webserver for duckpan publisher
Webserver for duckpan static