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Changes for version 2.000001 - 2022-07-12

  • Prefer GH_ENTERPRISE_TOKEN and GITHUB_ENTERPRISE_TOKEN if not a public GitHub host (GH#36) (Olaf Alders)


An example supplemental question for pull requests


A command line tool to simplify using Github and Pivotal Tracker for an agile workflow
Ask questions to go in the pull request
Contains all the files that were modified or added in a branch
Work out what files have changed in the git branch
Role for examining the committed version of the file
Role for writing interactive questions about the commits
Loads strict, warnings, and several other pragmas


in lib/App/GHPT/
in lib/App/GHPT/
in lib/App/GHPT/Wrapper/
in lib/App/GHPT/Wrapper/OurMoose/
in lib/App/GHPT/Wrapper/OurMooseX/Role/
in lib/App/GHPT/Wrapper/OurMooseX/Role/Parameterized/Meta/Trait/Parameterizable/