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Changes for version 0.07 - 2013-12-30

  • Remove 'required => 1' from attributes which also have 'init_arg => undef'


command-line interface to App::Rssfilter


remove clutter from your news feeds
App::Rssfilter's App::Cmd
fetch feeds and constrain with rules, all from a config file
Get the latest or previous version of an RSS feed
load and save RSS feeds as files
remove an RSS item from its channel
add some text to the title of an RSS item
a role for creating App::Rssfilter objects from a configuration hash
create App::Rssfilter objects from YAML configuration
associate one or more rules with more than one feed
adds a logger to a class
match an ABC preview RSS item
match a BBC sport RSS item
match an RSS item by category
match an RSS item which has been seen before
match and filter RSS feeds