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Changes for version v8.0.0 - 2022-09-26

  • Add experimental filters feature
  • Revise license to explicitly GPL 2 or 3
  • Update various dependency versions


WRiting Tool, a static site/blog generator and related utilites
show configuration values, including defaults
print static HTML from wrt entries
print an Atom or JSON feed from given wrt entries
print help for wrt, WRiting Tool
initialize a stub wrt repository
utility for rendering static HTML files from wrt entries
simple read-eval-print loop for wrt's inner workings
print the installed version of wrt


WRiting Tool, a static site/blog generator and related utilities
a small collection of date utility functions
model the contents of a wrt repo's entry_dir
read and write directories and files
render a wrt repo to publishable HTML
functions for sorting wrt entry lists


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