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cpm - a fast CPAN module installer


  # install modules into local/
  > cpm install Module1 Module2 ...

  # install modules from one of
  #  * cpm.yml
  #  * cpanfile
  #  * META.json (with dynamic_config false)
  #  * Build.PL
  #  * Makefile.PL
  > cpm install

  # install module into current @INC instead of local/
  > cpm install -g Module

  # read modules from STDIN by specifying "-" as an argument
  > cat module-list.txt | cpm install -

  # prefer TRIAL release
  > cpm install --dev Moose

  # install modules as if version of your perl is 5.8.5
  # so that modules which are not core in 5.8.5 will be installed
  > cpm install --target-perl 5.8.5

  # resolve distribution names from DARKPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz
  # and fetch distributions from DARKPAN/authors/id/...
  > cpm install --resolver 02packages, Your::Module
  > cpm install --resolver 02packages,file:///path/to/darkpan    Your::Module

  # specify types/phases in cpmfile/cpanfile/metafile by "--with-*" and "--without-*" options
  > cpm install --with-recommends --without-test


  -w, --workers=N
        number of workers, default: 5
  -L, --local-lib-contained=DIR
        directory to install modules into, default: local/
  -g, --global
        install modules into current @INC instead of local/
  -v, --verbose
        verbose mode; you can see what is going on
      --prebuilt, --no-prebuilt
        save builds for CPAN distributions; and later, install the prebuilts if available
        default: on; you can also set $ENV{PERL_CPM_PREBUILT} false to disable this option.
        usage of --test and/or --man-pages disables this option.
      --target-perl=VERSION  (EXPERIMENTAL)
        install modules as if version is your perl is VERSION
        base url for the CPAN mirror to use, cannot be used multiple times. Use --resolver instead.
      --pp, --pureperl-only
        prefer pureperl only build
      --static-install, --no-static-install
        enable/disable the static install, default: enable
  -r, --resolver=class,args (EXPERIMENTAL, will be removed or renamed)
        specify resolvers, you can use --resolver multiple times
        available classes: metadb/metacpan/02packages/snapshot
        even if you specify --resolver, cpm continues using the default resolvers.
        if you just want to use your resolvers specified by --resolver,
        you should specify --no-default-resolvers too
        reinstall the distribution even if you already have the latest version installed
      --dev (EXPERIMENTAL)
        resolve TRIAL distributions too
      --color, --no-color
        turn on/off color output, default: on
      --test, --no-test
        run test cases, default: no
        generate man pages
      --retry, --no-retry
        retry configure/build/test/install if fails, default: retry
        show build.log on failure, default: off
      --configure-timeout=sec, --build-timeout=sec, --test-timeout=sec
        specify configure/build/test timeout second, default: 60sec, 3600sec, 1800sec
      --show-progress, --no-show-progress
        show progress, default: on
        specify cpmfile path, default: ./cpm.yml
        specify cpanfile path, default: ./cpanfile
        specify META file path, default: N/A
        specify cpanfile.snapshot path, default: ./cpanfile.snapshot
  -V, --version
        show version
  -h, --help
        show this help
        specify the feature to enable in cpmfile/cpanfile/metafile; you can use --feature multiple times
      --with-requires,   --without-requires   (default: with)
      --with-recommends, --without-recommends (default: without)
      --with-suggests,   --without-suggests   (default: without)
      --with-configure,  --without-configure  (default: without)
      --with-build,      --without-build      (default: with)
      --with-test,       --without-test       (default: with)
      --with-runtime,    --without-runtime    (default: with)
      --with-develop,    --without-develop    (default: without)
        specify types/phases of dependencies in cpmfile/cpanfile/metafile to be installed
        shortcut for --with-requires, --with-recommends, --with-suggests,
        --with-configure, --with-build, --with-test, --with-runtime and --with-develop


Copyright 2015 Shoichi Kaji <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.