Changes for version 0.13 - 2023-09-22

    • Allow overriding of inline format styles in App::sdview::Style config file
    • Use format-agnostic tag names "bold", "italic", etc.. rather than POD-inspired "B", "I", etc..
    • Support Markdown's ~~strikethrough~~ format
    • Preserve the language name in Markdown code fences
    • Recognise and emit U<underline> formatting as a POD extension


a terminal-based structured document viewer for POD and other formats


a terminal document viewer for POD and other syntaxes
base class for generating formatted output from App::sdview
generate Markdown output from App::sdview
generate plain-text output from App::sdview
generate POD output from App::sdview
generate terminal formatted output from App::sdview
parse Markdown files for App::sdview
parse POD files for App::sdview
store formatting style information for App::sdview


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in lib/App/sdview/Output/
in lib/App/sdview/
in lib/App/sdview/Parser/