sdview - a terminal-based structured document viewer for POD and other formats


   $ sdview my-document.pod

   # Understands POD in .pm files
   $ sdview lib/App/

   # Search perldoc for page documentation
   sdview Scalar::Util

   $ Understands Markdown files


This script runs the App::sdview program, which renders a structured document to a terminal output, via the less pager.


   $ sdview [FILE]


If a file path is given, the filename is used to determine if it should be parsed as POD (*.pm, *.pl or *.pod), or Markdown (*.md). (But see also the -f option).

If the name is not a file, perldoc -l will be used to convert the name of a Perl module into a location for its documentation.


-f, --format FORMAT

Overrides detection of the file's format by inspecting the filename. Useful for viewing POD out of toplevel scripts whose filename does not indicate a language:

   $ sdview -f POD bin/sdview

-t, --output FORMAT

Specifies that a different form of output will be generated, instead of rendering formatted output directly to the terminal. Useful for cross- converting between file types:

   $ sdview lib/App/ -t Markdown >


Paul Evans <>