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Changes for version 0.9914 - 2021-11-21

  • Support 'cpan_path' in CHECKSUMS files


The CPANPLUS distribution creator
The CPANPLUS launcher
CPANPLUS Frequently Asked Questions
developing CPANPLUS
documentation on how to write your own plugins


API & CLI access to the CPAN mirrors
programmer's interface to CPANPLUS
return value objects
configuration defaults and heuristics for CPANPLUS
Set the environment for the CPANPLUS base dir
configuration for CPANPLUS
base class for plugins
distribution class for installation snapshots
Base class for custom distribution classes
distribution class for MakeMaker related modules
Sample code to create your own Dist::* plugin
error handling for CPANPLUS
CPANPLUS internals
internals for archive extraction
internals for fetching files
internals for sending test reports
internals for searching for modules
internals for updating source files
In memory implementation
SQLite implementation
convenience functions for CPANPLUS
CPAN module objects for CPANPLUS
CPAN author object for CPANPLUS
dummy author object for CPANPLUS
checking the checksum of a distribution
fake module object for internal use
self-updating for CPANPLUS
base class for CPANPLUS shells emulation for CPANPLUS
the default CPANPLUS shell
add custom sources to CPANPLUS
connect to a remote CPANPLUS
read in CPANPLUS commands


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in lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/
in lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Constants/
in lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Source/SQLite/
in lib/CPANPLUS/Internals/Utils/
in lib/CPANPLUS/Module/
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