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Changes for version 0.49 - 2021-08-08

  • Fixed handling of charsets in multi-section header attributes. Previously this would assume that the charset was present in every section, instead of just the first. Fixed by Vitaly Gimly. GH #10. PR #11.
  • Fixed handling of multi-section header attributes which encoded a UTF-8 (or other multi-byte charset) value with the value broken mid-byte between sections. Previously these would be end up in a corrupted form. Reported by Vitaly Gimly. GH #10.
  • Fixed parsing of MIME encoded words in a header when there was no space at the start of the value. Previously this would leave the first MIME encoded chunk as-is instead of decoding it. Fixed by Vitaly Gimly. GH #10. PR #11.


High level email parsing and manipulation
Build emails with sugar
A single header's name and value
The content type for an email part
The content disposition for an email part
A single attribute belonging to a header
The headers for an email part
A part which contains other parts
A part which does not contain other parts, only content
Email::Abstract wrapper for Courriel


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