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Changes for version 0.091

  • Fixed issues with broken metadata in previous release and some fixes to POD issues and documentation fixes.
  • I removed all the complex pod weaver and dzil metadata plugins since they seemed to be failing to build a correct distribution. I never use any of these plugins and can't get them to work. Given this is a distribution that sees very little release cycle I don't find it useful to make this two file distribution so complicated.
  • 0.090:
    • Fixed test issues related to changes up the CPAN stream
  • 0.089:
    • Remove DateTime::Format::DateManip from dependencies due to instability in that package and its dependencies.
  • 0.088:
    • Remove DateTime::Format::DateParse from dependencies as fails lots of tests and not used (thanks ranguard)
  • 0.087:
    • TODO'd some tests that were breaking because of time zone weirdness
    • The previous entry is an example of gooder english!


Parse a date/time string using the best method available