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Changes for version 0.014 - 2019-09-02

  • Updated Travis' perl versions
  • No longer using Dist::Zilla::Plugin::SchwartzRatio since it requires a Perl version newer than is installed on Mac by default
  • Making sure internals are required
  • Skipping Kwalitee's has_meta_yml test if not building a github hosted release
  • Created own version of Test::Pod::LinkCheck which sets the cpan_backend to CPAN instead of the deprecated CPANPLUS


Adapted version of the Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Pod::LinkCheck
Adapted version of the Git::NextVersion plugin to allow influencing version bumping.
Hayo Baan's Dist::Zilla configuration
HAYOBAAN's Pod::Weaver configuration
Improved version of Pod::Weaver::Section::Bugs, adds proper links to the BUGS pod section