Changes for version 2.600 - 2022-10-23

  • This version replaces the use of Email::Address with Email::Address::XS, as the pure perl version has problems with certain kinds of input.


a library for sending email
a report of failure from an email sending transport
an aggregate of multiple failures
a permanent delivery failure
a temporary delivery failure
table of contents for the Email::Sender manual
how to start using Email::Sender right now
the common sending tasks most Email::Sender classes will need
an object that has a message
the simple interface for sending mail with Sender
the result of successfully sending mail
a report of partial success when delivering
a role for email transports
happily throw away your mail
a wrapper to makes things fail predictably
deliver mail to a maildir on disk
deliver mail to an mbox on disk
print email to a filehandle (like stdout)
send email over SMTP
an SMTP client that stays online
send mail via sendmail(1)
deliver mail in memory for testing
a mailer to wrap a mailer for mailing mail
random stuff that makes Email::Sender go