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Changes for version 0.18

  • Upgrade to stable release.

Changes for version 0.17_02

  • Fixed getters for typemaps using %output_list annotation.

Changes for version 0.17_01

  • Added standard XS typemap for objects (disabled by default for backwards compatibility).x
  • Allow specifying XS typemap code in the XS++ typemap declaration.
  • Generate accessors for member variables.
  • Handle multiple function/method annotations (used by plugins).
  • Updated plugin interface (should be backwards-compatible).


XS++ plugin interface
XS++ preprocessor


XS for C++
implementation of xspp
Map C++ exceptions to Perl exceptions
Base class for elements of the parser output
Node representing an access specifier
Node representing a method/function argument
A class (inherits from Package).
Node representing a comment in the source file
Node representing a constructor method
Node representing a destructor method
Node representing an enum declaration
Node representing an enum element
Directive that sets the name of the output file
Node representing a function
Node representing a class member variable
Node representing a method
Node representing an XS++/XS MODULE declaration
Node representing a Perl package
contains information about %Foo tags handled by plugins
Node for data that should be included in XS verbatim
an XS++ parser


in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Driver.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Exception/code.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Exception/object.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Exception/perlcode.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Exception/simple.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Exception/stdmessage.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Exception/unknown.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Grammar.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Grammar.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Lexer.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Node/Preprocessor.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Node/Type.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Plugin/feature/default_xs_typemap.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Typemap/parsed.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Typemap/reference.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Typemap/simple.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/XSpp/Typemap/wrapper.pm