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Changes for version 4.000 - 2014-04-04

  • fix Moose enum warning (rt#90683)
  • make it work with dzil v5
  • fix smartmatch warnings


classical Risk game written in perl


classical 'risk' board game
base class for all ais
easy ai that does blitzkrieg attacks
dumb ai that does nothing
ai that tries to conquer the world
prisk's App::Cmd
base class for prisk sub-commands
import a map designed for other risk games
prisk configuration
continent object
controller poe session for risk
map country
pandemic card deck
base class for exta maps
gui multiplexer poe session
window to move armies
startup window
internationalization utilities for prisk
logging capacities for prisk
map being played
Risk board map
risk player
placeholder for a 2D point
utility module to load bundled resources
prisk about information
cards listing
continents information
window used when game is over
prisk manual window
main prisk window
various types used in the distribution
various utilities for prisk