Changes for version 0.36 - 2012-07-24

  • Fixed mismatch between some models and ua (Thanks to matuu).
  • Added new x-up-devcap-multimedia(StandAloneGPS) in (Thanks to tokuhirom).
  • Added CA01C F02D F04D F06D F07C F08A3 F09A3 F09C F10C F11C L10C N02D N03D N05C N06A3 N07A3 N08A3 N09A3 P03D P04C P05C P06C P07A3 P08A3 P09A3 SH03D SH05A3 SH05D SH06A3 SH07A3 SH10C SH11C in DoCoMoDisplayMap and DoCoMo.xml (auto-generated)
  • Removed D209I D210I D211I D251I D251IS D252I D253I D253IWM D501I D502I D503I D503IS D504I D505I D505IS D506I ER209I F08A F09A F209I F210I F211I F212I F251I F501I F502I F502IT F503I F503IS F504I F504IS F505I F505IGPS F506I F661I F671I F671IS F672I KO209I KO210I N06A N07A N08A N09A N209I N210I N211I N211IS N251I N251IS N252I N253I N501I N502I N502IT N503I N503IS N504I N504IS N505I N505IS N506I N506IS N506ISII N821I NM502I P07A P08A P09A P209I P209IS P210I P211I P211IS P213I P251IS P252I P252IS P253I P253IS P501I P502I P503I P503IS P504I P504IS P505I P505IS P506IC P506ICII P651PS P821I R209I R211I R691I R692I SH05A SH06A SH07A SH251I SH251IS SH252I SH505I SH505IS SH506IC SH821I SO210I SO211I SO212I SO213I SO213IS SO213IWR SO502I SO502IWM SO503I SO503IS SO504I SO505I SO505IS SO506I SO506IC SO506IS from DoCoMoDisplayMap and DoCoMo.xml (auto-generated)


HTTP mobile user agent string parser
Air H" Phone implementation
Display information for HTTP::MobileAgent
NTT DoCoMo implementation
EZweb implementation
J-Phone implementation
Non-Mobile Agent implementation
Vodafone implementation


in lib/HTTP/MobileAgent/
in lib/HTTP/MobileAgent/
in lib/HTTP/MobileAgent/
in lib/HTTP/MobileAgent/
in lib/HTTP/MobileAgent/