Changes for version 1.00

  • Documentation updates only.

Changes for version 0.02_3670

  • HeliosX::Job::JSON->new() constructor now allows config, jobtype, and argstring to be passed into new() instead of calling set* methods later.
  • HeliosX::Job::JSON->submit() will now use Helios::Config to get the global Helios config if it was not specified before it was called.
  • helios_job_submit_json renamed to heliosx_job_json_submit to prevent confusion.
  • Re-wrote Makefile.PL to be more flexible.
  • Added more tests.

Changes for version 0.01_3460

  • Added functional helios_job_submit_json.
  • Added HeliosX::Job::JSON::TestService to test JSON parsing and as an example service.


tool to submit Helios jobs with JSON arguments from the command line


Helios::Job subclass using JSON to specify job arguments
service for testing HeliosX::Job::JSON jobs


in lib/HeliosX/Job/JSON/