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RPC via Hessian with a remote server.
Add deserialization capabilities to processor.
Deserialization of Hessian into binary
Methods for deserializing hessian dates.
Deserializer methods for booleans, integers and floating point numbers.
Methods for serialization of strings
Basic exceptions for the Hessian protocol.
Serialize data into Hessian messages
Methods for serializing data into Hessian.
Role for serializing dates into Hessian.
Roles for serialization of integers, floating point numbers, dates and boolean expressions into Hessian.
Role for serialization of strings into hessian.
Experimenting with dynamic fields
Base class for Hessian serialization/deserialization.
Translate composite datastructures to and from hessian.
Translate envelope level Hessian syntax
Translate datastructures to and from Hessian 1.0.
Translate datastructures to and from Hessian 2.0.