build links database
configure a CGI that reports on or repairs links.
setup configuration files for LinkController
check that linkcontroller setup is correct
get link files for use by link-controller
Configure LinkController to run in a basic way.
how to handle authorisation in LinkController
allow a user to repair databases
identify files affected by a link change and fix them
suggest alternatives to a link
copy a list of links from one database to another
check the links in a single HTML page and report problems
provide an interface for querying the database of links
report status of links using databases
work out which RPMs are being used by Link_Controller.
test link-controller against a real apache.
build a schedule for link checking.
test links and update the link database


the agent that never forgets
Return The same HTML document as was put in.
List of perl modules needed for LinkController.
return links in a document along with information
a user agent which knows some authorisation tokens
a robot which lets us check how long it will wait
a robot doesn't stop, but remembers where it has been
perl module with LinkController constants
read infostructure config.
application locks on link database.
Read LinkController configuration files.


in lib/WWW/Link_Controller/ReadConf/
in lib/WWW/Link_Controller/
in lib/WWW/Link_Controller/