Changes for version 1.12 - 2017-05-13

  • Switch syntax highlighting from Kate to prism.js (simonaw)
  • Add missing dependencies, fix for tag deletion (simonaw)
  • Remove obsolete unicode plugin


Installation instructions for MojoMojo
info on MojoMojo configurable preferences
Catalyst CGI
Create a new Catalyst Component
Catalyst FastCGI
script to start/stop/restart mojomojo fastcgi instance
Catalyst Test Server
hash plain text passwords
Catalyst Test
DBIC versioning
Delete the precompiled content of a page. MojoMojo will recompile the page next time it is requested.
Delete inactive users and their revisions. Use as a mass antispam tool, if you haven't deactivated users via /admini/.users for other reasons. Read the usage.
Dump the raw (markup) content of a page.
hash plain text passwords
import content from a file into a MojoMojo page
rough draft of converting textile to markdown
rough draft of converting wikispaces to markdown


A Wiki with a tree
Site Administration
Attachment controller
MojoMojo Comment controller
Export / Import related controller
Image controller
Various functions that return JSON data.
Journaling for MojoMojo?
Various JSRPC functions.
Page controller
MojoMojo Page Administration
Controller to run before all others
Tags controller
Login/User Management Controller
Cleans HTML as well as CSS of scripting and other executable contents, and neutralises XSS attacks. Derived from HTML::Defang version 1.01.
a base controller class.
Base class for all formatters
Include Amazon objects on your page.
automatically hyperlink CPAN modules when using the syntax {{cpan Some::Module}}
Include comments on your page.
Scrub user HTML and XSS
format local directory as XHTML
format part of content as DocBook
syntax-highlight docbook
MSN Smileys in your text.
format file as XHTML
format Docbook in xhtml
format Pod File in xhtml
format Pod File in xhtml
Embed Gist script
Embed Google Calendar
Linked Google Search Engine by writing {{google:<search kind> <keyword>}}
Linked {{id:<service name> <word>}}
format part of content as an IRC log
Include files in your content.
MojoMojo's main formatter, dispatching between Textile and MultiMarkdown
MultiMarkdown formatting for your content. MultiMarkdown is an extension of Markdown, adding support for tables, footnotes, bibliography, automatic cross-references, glossaries, appendices, definition lists, math syntax, anchor and image attributes, and document metadata.
format part of content as POD
Include RSS feeds on your page.
Handles {{redirect /path}}
syntax highlighting for code blocks
generate table of contents
format plain text as xhtml
Texile+SmartyPants formatting for your content
Handle interpage linking.
Linked Wikipedia by writing {{wikipedia:<lang> <word>}}
Embed YouTube player
support for language localization
DBIC::Schema Catalyst model
support for searching pages
support for Thematic styles
DBIC Schema
base class for Result classes
base class for ResultSet classes
Versioned page content
store journal entries
Links among pages
Versioned page metadata
store members of roles
store pages that are wanted
resulset methods on attachments
resultset methods on content
resultset methods on pages
resultset methods on users
resultset methods on roles
resultset methods on tags
Email Templates
Catalyst View
Template Toolkit views for MojoMojo
generate inline word-based HTML diffs
cute little punctuation assistant
convert wikispaces pages to markdown


in lib/MojoMojo/Formatter/