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Changes for version 1.282 - 2018-05-16

  • Fix the manifest file

Changes for version 1.28_12 - 2013-06-27

Changes for version 1.28_11 - 2013-06-26

  • Update Makefile.PL with no_index to ignore the test modules

Changes for version 1.28_10 - 2010-02-23

  • Fix the file MD5 comparison stuff



The BackPAN indexer application
Collect various stats about BackPAN activity
Index a Perl distribution
Do the indexing, and put the dists in a MiniCPAN
A No-op reports processor
base class for MyCPAN components
Provide a way for the various components to communicate
Pass out work to sub-processes
Pass out work in the same process
Present the run info as colored text
Present the run info in a terminal
Don't show anything
Show dists as MyCPAN processes them
Present the run info as plain text
Index a Perl distribution
Tiny class for MyCPAN component note passing
Do nothing components
Find distributions to index
Try to index distributions with error reports
Try to index distributions listed in a file
Find distributions to index
Save the result as a YAML file
Common bits for MyCPAN reporter classes
How the pieces fit together
Do the indexing
Do nothing except show what the task is
Count the Test modules used in test suites


in lib/MyCPAN/Indexer/