Changes for version 0.010 - 2021-07-22

  • New features
    • Metrics adapter type is now configurable using --metrics_adapter.
    • Metrics destination can be changed using --metrics_host and --metrics_port.
  • Bugs fixed
    • RPC client to track message id for response before sending it.
    • Subscription to use the right group name to acknowledge from stream.
  • Dependencies
    • Object::Pad - use new ->begin_class from MOB package.
    • Metrics::Any - update to v0.07 to disable metrics from certain packages.
    • Metrics::Any::Adapter::Statsd - instead of DogStatsd standard.


microservice coördination


microservice coördination
provides an API for Myriad services
dæmon functionality and hot-reload for Myriad
common pragmata for Myriad core modules
common abstraction for user interface commands
dynamic configuration management for microservices
standard exception rôle for all Myriad code
common class for all exceptions
applies Myriad::Exception::Base to an exception class
common class for all exceptions
common exception when the error is not relevant to the client.
extensible Myriad functionality using attributes
microservice RPC abstraction
microservice RPC client abstraction
microservice RPC client abstraction
microservice RPC in-memory implementation.
microservice RPC Redis implementation.
RPC message implementation
track available methods and subscriptions
common pragmata for Myriad rôles
microservice RPC abstraction
microservice storage abstraction
microservice subscription abstraction
starting point for building microservices
microservice coördination
microservice coördination
abstraction to access other services over the network.
microservice storage abstraction layer
abstraction to access other services storage.
microservice Storage abstraction
microservice storage abstraction
access to microservice storage via Redis
microservice subscription abstraction
In-Memory data layer that mimics Redis behaviour..
Term::ReadLine support for Myriad
provide a deferred wrapper attribute
protect secrets from getting exposed accidentally
a collection of helpers to test microservices.
an abstraction to mock microservices.


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