Changes for version 1.24

  • bugfix: -version to display version of Net::Write::Fast module
  • bugfix: Search::Active: die when a Result object cannot be created
  • bugfix: DB::SinFP3: do not lock sinfp3.db, we only read it.
  • update: copyright notice


more than a passive and active OS fingerprinting tool


more than OS fingerprinting unification
base class for DB plugin objects
turn off DB plugin
main access to signature database
methods used for handling IP headers
methods used when in IPv4 mode
methods used when in IPv6 mode
SinFP3 signature object
SinFP3 passive signature object
methods used for handling TCP headers
global configuration and useful methods for all objects
base class for Input plugin objects
object describing a SinFP target
methods used when in TCP connect active mode
object describing a SinFP target
turn off Input plugin
get input objects from a pcap file
API server Input plugin
takes an active signature
takes a passive signature
sniff the network and returns Next::Frame objects
TCP SYN scanning input method
base class for Log objects
logging directly on the console
disable logging
base class for Mode plugin objects
methods used when in active mode
turn off Mode plugin
methods used when in passive mode
base class for Next objects
object describing a SinFP3 active signature
a Next object to handle a network client
object describing a frame
object describing the next target with IP and port
object containing an multiple frames
turn off Next object
object describing a SinFP3 passive signature
base class for Output plugin objects
plugin to save results in CSV format
output results to a SinFP3 client
display results on console output
display results using Data::Dumper
turn off Output plugin
display only OS results on console output
display results on console output
writes frames to a pcap file
output results in a simple way to console
plugin to display results using Ubigraph
how to create a SinFP3 plugin
base class for Result objects
contains all information about matched fingerprint
contains all information about matched passive fingerprint
result object when target port is in error
result object when target fingerprint is unknown
base class for Search plugin objects
matching active signatures search engine
turn off Search plugin
matching passive signatures search engine
base class for worker models
fork-based worker model
single process based worker model
thread-based worker model