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Author image أحمد محمد زواوي - Ahmad M. Zawawi

Changes for version 0.21

  • Fix segfault when new files are open without any open files (AZAWAWI, Reported by El_Che)
  • Updated Padre Italian translation (SBLANDIN)
  • Unload P:P:Moose when the plugin is disabled (BOWTIE)
  • Focus on the class and role tab after showing the error message: You can only add X to a class or role (AZAWAWI)
  • Less code in Makefile.PL (AZAWAWI)


Moose, Mouse and MooseX::Declare support for Padre
Something that can generate Moose, Mouse or MooseX::Declare code
Something that can read from and write to the object inspector
Something that can provide help about itself
Something that has attributes, subtypes and methods


in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Assistant.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Attribute.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Class.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/ClassMember.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Constructor.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Destructor.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/FBP/Assistant.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/FBP/Preferences.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Method.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Preferences.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Program.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Role.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Role/NeedsPluginEvent.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Subtype.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Moose/Util.pm