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Changes for version 0.2 - 2011-11-15

  • move depends to Padre 0.92
  • add margin symbol for feedback/comment
  • add different cursor styling to indicate the original owner's cursor
  • add ghost cursors in the editor margin showing where other remote editors cursors are
  • pod updates
  • first attempt at collaboration with bowtie from irc. (BRAMBLE)
  • first real 2-way co-operative editing capability
  • move to new Padre::Task api
  • add Swarm::Universe container for tools and transports
  • replace Wx::Socket and IO::Poll task transport with AnyEvent


Experimental plugin for co-operative editing
Multicast swarm message bus
Swarm chat console
Padre editor/network integration
Tree view panel of swarm resources
represent connectedness between points
represent a unique identity in the swarm
Guide to Swarm
A Swarm message base


in lib/Padre/Plugin/Swarm/
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Swarm/Resource/
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Swarm/
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Swarm/
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Swarm/Transport/
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Swarm/
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Swarm/Wx/
in lib/Padre/Plugin/Swarm/Wx/Resources/
in lib/Padre/Swarm/
in lib/Padre/Swarm/Message/