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Padre::Plugin::Swarm - Experimental plugin for co-operative editing


This is Swarm!

Swarm is a Padre plugin for experimenting with remote inspection, peer programming and co-operative editing functionality.

Within this plugin all rules are suspended. No security, no efficiency, no scalability, no standards compliance, remote code execution, everything is allowed. The only goal is things that work, and things that look shiny in a demo :)

Addendum Deliberate remote code execution was removed very early. Swarm no longer blindly runs code sent to it from the network.



  • Global server transport - Connect with other Swarmers on teh interwebs. is a free swarm server

  • Local network multicast transport. Connect with Swarmers on your local network. No configuration required - other editors should simply 'appear'


  • User chat - converse with other padre editors

  • Resources - browse and open files from another users' editor

  • Editor integration and co-operation allow multiple users to edit the same document at the same time.


Padre::Swarm::Manual Padre::Plugin::Swarm::Wx::Chat Padre::Plugin::Swarm::Wx::Editor


  Many. Identity management and interaction with L<Padre::Swarm::Geometry> is
  rather poor.

  More than 2 users editing same document at once MAY not work
  No accomodation is made for edits that overlap in time spent transmitting
  them. Edits MAY arrive out of order.


Copyright 2009-2011 The Padre development team as listed in


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.