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Changes for version 0.14 - 2017-08-06

    • Fixed argument processing in the `reset` and `revert` commands.
    • Fixed some typos in the documentation.
    • Upgraded to latest Module::CoreList to support newer perls.
    • Switched to an internal fork of Term::EditorEdit to avoid unwanted dependency on deprecated module Any::Moose
    • Switched to using MakeMaker instead of ModuleBuild, now that the later is no longer in core. I recommend installing with UNINST=1 to clean up the cruft from older releases.


Curate a custom repository of Perl modules
Web interface to a Pinto repository
Entry point for Pinto documentation
Tips for installing Pinto
Why Pinto exists
A condensed summary of Pinto
Thanking the Pinto supporters
A narrative introduction to Pinto


Command-line driver for Pinto
Base class for pinto commands
add local archives to the repository
remove orphaned distribution archives
create a new stack by copying another
mark the default stack
permanently remove an archive
show difference between two stacks
display a command's help screen
create a new repository
install stuff from the repository
permanently delete a stack
show the packages in a stack
mark a stack as read-only
show the revision logs of a stack
unpack and explore distributions with your shell
show the full manual for a command
join two stack histories together
migrate repository to a new version
create a new empty stack
force a package to stay in a stack
show or set stack properties
pull archives from upstream repositories
put existing packages on a stack
change the name of a stack
reset stack to a prior revision
revert stack to a prior revision
show the roots of a stack
show available stacks
report statistics about the repository
show some gratitude
mark a stack as writable
free packages that have been pinned
remove packages from a stack
update packages to latest versions
report archives that are missing
Curate a repository of Perl modules
Base class for all Actions
Add a local distribution into the repository
Remove orphaned archives
Create a new stack by copying another
Set the default stack
Delete archives from the repository
Show the difference between stacks or revisions
Install packages from the repository
Permanently delete a stack
List the contents of a stack
Lock a stack to prevent future changes
Show revision log for a stack
Unpack and open a distribution with your shell
Join two stack histories together
Create a new empty stack
A no-op action
Force a package to stay in a stack
Show or change stack properties
Pull upstream distributions into the repository
Register packages from existing archives on a stack
Change the name of a stack
Reset stack to a prior revision
Revert stack to a prior revision
Show the roots of a stack
List known stacks in the repository
Report statistics about the repository
Unlock a stack to allow future changes
Loosen a package that has been pinned
Unregister packages from a stack
Update packages to latest versions
Report distributions that are missing
Unpack an archive into a temporary directory
Base class for interactive interfaces
Interface for network-based interaction
Interface for terminal-based interaction
Internal configuration for a Pinto repository
Constants used across the Pinto utilities
Interface to the Pinto database
Compute difference between two revisions
Represents one addition or deletion in a diff
Utility class for authoring commit messages
Internal class for Pinto::Editor
Internal class for Pinto::Editor
Base class for Pinto exceptions
Global variables used across the Pinto utilities
The package index of a repository
Write records to an 02packages.details.txt file
Initializes a new Pinto repository
Base class for Locators
The package index of a repository
Find a package/distribution target among CPAN-like repositories
Locate targets using Stratopan services
Manage locks to synchronize concurrent operations
Migrate an existing repository to a new version
Generates a stub file
Extract packages provided/required by a distribution archive
Iterates through distribution prerequisites
Interact with a remote Pinto repository
Base class for remote Actions
Add a distribution to a the repository
Install packages from the repository
The result from running a remote Action
Coordinates the database, files, and indexes
The result from running an Action
Iterates through revision history
Role for actions that commit changes to the repository
Something that installs packages
Something that has a pause config attribute
Something that has chrome plating
Something pulls packages to a stack
Attributes and methods for all Schema::Result objects
Role for actions that are transactional
Something that makes network requests
The DBIx::Class::Schema for Pinto
Represents the relationship between revisions
Represents a distribution archive
Represents a Package provided by a Distribution
Represents a Distribution -> Package dependency
Represents the relationship between a Package and a Stack
Represents a set of changes to a stack
Represents a named set of Packages
Common queries for Distributions
Common queries for Packages
Common queries for Registrations
Web interface to a Pinto repository
Base class for responders
Responder for action requests
Responder for static files
Routes server requests
Shell into a distribution
Report statistics about a Pinto repository
Storage for distribution archives
Create Spec objects from strings
Specifies a distribution by author and archive
Specifies a package by name and version
Moose types used within Pinto
Static utility functions for Pinto