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Changes for version 2.01 - 2015-11-07

  • Added abstracts to all of the submodules -- a PR from GARU.
  • Changed README to -- another PR from GARU.
  • Fixed runtime warning for Pod::POM::ERROR -- another PR from GARU.


check POD for correctness using Pod::POM
convert POD to Text, HTML, etc., with Pod::POM
dump the POM parse tree for a POD document


POD Object Model
constants used for Pod::POM
base class for a POM node
POM '=begin' node class
POM '=over' node class
convenience class to load all node classes
view POM objects
create HTML views of POM objects
create a Pod view of a POM object
create text views of POM objects


in lib/Pod/POM/