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Changes for version 0.157 - 2022-05-29

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the Rubric command line interface


a notes and bookmarks manager with tagging
the Rubric command line interface
base class for Rubric::CLI commands
list the rubric commands
database management
check validity of links in the database
Rubric user management commands
the configuration data for a Rubric
Rubric's subclass of Class::DBI
db initialization routines
a single entry made by a user
a base class for entry body formatters
format into HTML by escaping entities
format entries by formatting nearly not at all
construct and execute a complex query
a tag on an entry
a link (URI) against which entries have been made
the rendering interface for Rubric
a Rubric user
the web interface to Rubric
process the /entries run method
web login processing
process web login from HTTP authentication
process web login from query parameters
the Rubric session plugin
URIs for Rubric web requests


in lib/Rubric/WebApp/