Rubric::Entry::Formatter - a base class for entry body formatters


version 0.156


This class serves as a single point of dispatch for attempts to format entry bodies from their native format into rendered output.



  my $formatted = Rubric::Entry::Formatter->format(\%arg);

This method accepts a set of named arguments and returns formatted output in the requested format. If it is unable to do so, it throws an exception.

Valid arguments are:

 markup - the markup format used to mark up the text (default: _default)
 text   - the text that has been marked up and should be formatted (required)
 format - the requested output format (required)

Formatting requests are dispatched according to the configuration in markup_formatter.


Writing a formatter should be very simple; the interface is very simple, although it's also very young and so it may change when I figure out the problems in the current implementation.

A formatter must implement an as_FORMAT method for each format to which it claims to be able to output formatted text. When Rubric::Entry::Formatter wants to dispatch text for formatting, it will call that method as follows:

  my $formatted = Formatter->as_whatever(\%arg);

The arguments in %arg will be the same as those passed to Rubric::Entry::Formatter.

Actually, the method is found and called via can, so a suitably programmed module can respond to can to allow it to render into all the format it likes -- or at least to claim to.


Ricardo SIGNES <>


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