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Changes for version 0.4.8 - 2018-11-23

  • Updating for release of version 0.4.8 Added perl 5.26 to .travis build (Ivan Wills) Updated date (Ivan Wills) Updating Test dependencies for better windows experience (Ivan Wills)


Tail files using the Tail::Tool library
Description of the configuration of Tail::Tool


Tool for sophisticated tailing of files
Looks after individual files
Groups real lines of a log file so that other plugins treat then as one line.
Highlights any text that matches the supplied regular expressions.
<One-line description of module's purpose>
Checks that each line passed matches a regex
<One-line description of module's purpose>
Prints spaces when there has been a pause in running.
The parent module for plugins that change individual lines. eg highlighting
Parent module for Plugins that perform pre-processing tasks on tailed lines. eg filtering
Base class for regex details
<One-line description of module's purpose>