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Changes for version 0.05

  • Mon Jan 12 13:21:41 1998 Chris Dean <ctdean@cogit.com>
    • Tk/Tree.pm: Version 0.05
    • Tk/VTree.pm: From Achim -- A VTree isa HList, it doesn't have a component that is a Scrolled HList.
    • Tk/Tree.pm: From Achim -- Since a Tree is not scrolled by default add the Tk::Widget::ScrlTree method.
    • README: Trees are not Scrolled by default.
    • examples/adjuster: Another example
    • examples/perl-tix-*tree: Use ScrlTree
    • Tk/Tree.pm: Mention that Trees are not Scrolled in the docs.


methods for Tix widgets
Create and manipulate Tree widgets


in Tk/VTree.pm