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Changes for version 0.140290 - 2014-01-29

  • Bugfix: Path::Router found a bug. I was validating a :page at one point, but needed to be validating a :file. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: [ #90688] Correct problems related to changes to the syntax of enums in new versions of Moose. Thanks to Upasana Shukla and Zoffix Znet.
  • Bugfix: [ #90921] Correct problems related to the deprecation of Class::MOP::load_class. Now using Class::Load::load_class. Thanks to Upasana Shukla and Zoffix Znet.


add users to a Yukki installation
Initialize a git repository for use with Yukki
set the password for a user
constructs the boilerplate needed to start a Yukki site
installaction instructions


Yet Uh-nother wiki
Yukki's exception class
Base class for model objects
the model for loading and saving files in the wiki
a sub-class of the File model for handling previews
model for accessing objects in a git repository
lookup users
the role Yukki app-classes implement
provides structure and validation to settings in yukki.conf
standard types for use in Yukki
the Yukki web server
request-response context descriptor
Base class for Yukki::Web controllers
Controller for uploading, downloading, and viewing attachments
shows the login page and handles login
controller for viewing and editing pages
Simple controller for handling internal redirects
base class for Yukki plugins
plugin for attachments
interface for quick format helpers
interface for HTML formatters
add spreadsheet functionality to wiki pages
add syntax highlighting to wiki pages
plugin for custom page viewers
format text/yukki files using markdown, etc.
Yukki request descriptor
the response to the client
send requests to the correct controllers, yo
Adds ACLs to routes
Matching with access controls
provides structure and validation to web settings in yukki.conf
base class for Yukki::Web views
View for attachment forms
show a login form
render HTML for viewing and editing wiki pages


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