Acme::MetaSyntactic::jamesbond - The James Bond theme


Items related to the James Bond movies.

This list contains the following categories and sub categories: films (Bond movies), novels (Bond novels, with sub categories fleming (novels by Ian Fleming), gardner (novels by John Gardner), and benson (novels by Raymond Benson)), actors (actors playing Bond), girls (actresses playing Bond girls), villains (villains from Bond movies), vehicles (vehicles used by Bond, with sub categories: cars, motorcycles, aircraft, ships, and other), and firearms (firearms used by Bond).

The default category is films.


Philippe Bruhat (BooK), Abigail


  • 2012-05-07 - v1.000

    Updated with movie titles and actresses since 2006, and received its own version number in Acme-MetaSyntactic-Themes version 1.000.

  • 2006-05-29

    Updated in Acme-MetaSyntactic version 0.76 with categories villains, vehicles (with subcategories cars, motorcycles, aircraft, ships, and others), and firearms, all provided by Abigail on 2006-05-22.

  • 2006-04-17

    Updated in Acme-MetaSyntactic version 0.70 (that's 0.07 shifted left) with categories actors and girls. Both lists were provided by Abigail as bond_actors (actors playing James Bond) and bond_girls (actresses playing Bond girls) on 2005-10-24.

  • 2005-10-24

    Updated in Acme-MetaSyntactic version 0.45.

  • 2005-01-31

    Introduced in Acme-MetaSyntactic version 0.07 (heh).


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