Acme::MetaSyntactic::space_missions - The space missions theme


This theme lists the names of various space missions flights.

  • apollo

    As from Apollo 9, the command and lunar modules of Project Apollo were given radio call signs. This list document them.

    Source: A Man on the Moon, by Andrew Chaikin.

  • mercury

    This list gives the names of the six Mercury spacecraft, plus the name of the flight cancelled when Deke Slayton was grounded for health reasons.

    Source: The Right Stuff, by Tom Wolfe.

  • manned_spacecraft

    This list gives the names of the manned spacecraft, all nations and all agencies or firms combined.

  • launch_vehicles

    This list gives the names of launch vehicles type. For vehicles with several numbered subtypes, only the main type has been given, without the subtype number (which gives one-letter names for Japanese launch vehicles).

    Source: The list of launch vehicles is taken from the colour photos from Rocket Science, Alfred J. Zaehringer, Apogee (ISBN 1-894959-09-4). To this book, I have added and

  • victims

    This list gives the names of the humans who were killed in a spacecraft accident.



Jean Forget


  • 2012-05-07 - v1.000

    Received its own version number in Acme-MetaSyntactic-Themes version 1.000.

  • 2006-08-21

    Updated with themes manned_spacecraft, launch_vehicles and victims in Acme-MetaSyntactic version 0.88.

  • 2006-08-07

    Augmented with other space missions and renamed space_missions in version 0.86, published on August 7, 2006.

  • 2006-06-14 - 2006-06-26

    Jean Forget proposed a new mercury theme. I suggested grouping both lists under a single theme (space_missions? nasa?).

    Jean selected the name space_missions for the theme, as he already had plans for other lists that were not related to the NASA.

  • 2005-09-26

    Introduced in Acme-MetaSyntactic version 0.41 as theme apollo.

  • 2005-09-12

    Jean Forget proposed the list of Apollo command and lunar modules radio call signs.


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