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Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::FullAlgorithm - Skeleton class for a fully-featured evolutionary algorithm


  use Algorithm::Evolutionary qw( Op::Base Op::Bitflip Op::Crossover
                                  Op::RouletteWheel Op::GeneralGeneration
                                  Op::GenerationalTerm Op::FullAlgorithm );

  # Using the base class as factory
  my $easyEA = Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Base->fromXML( $ref->{$xml} );
  $easyEA->apply(\@pop ); 

  #Or using the constructor
  my $m = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Bitflip; #Changes a single bit
  my $c = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Crossover; #Classical 2-point crossover
  my $replacementRate = 0.3; #Replacement rate
  my $popSize = 20;
  my $selector = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::RouletteWheel $popSize; #One of the possible selectors
  my $onemax = sub { 
    my $indi = shift;
    my $total = 0;
    my $len = $indi->length();
    my $i = 0;
    while ($i < $len ) {
      $total += substr($indi->{'_str'}, $i, 1);
    return $total;
  my $generation = 
    new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::GeneralGeneration( $onemax, $selector, [$m, $c], $replacementRate );
  my $g100 = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::GenerationalTerm 10;
  my $f = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::FullAlgorithm $generation, $g100;
  print $f->asXML();

  $f->apply( $pop ); # Pop should be defined else where

Base Class



Class for a configurable evolutionary algoritm. It takes a single-generarion object, and mixes it with a termination condition to create a full algorithm. Includes a sensible default (100-generation generational algorithm) if it is issued only an object of class Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::GeneralGeneration.

new( $single_generation[, $termination_test] [, $verboseness] )

Takes an already created algorithm and a terminator, and creates an object

set( $hashref, $codehash, $opshash )

Sets the instance variables. Takes hashes to the different options of the algorithm: parameters, fitness functions and operators

apply( $reference_to_population_array )

Applies the algorithm to the population; checks that it receives a ref-to-array as input, croaks if it does not. Returns a sorted, culled, evaluated population for next generation.


More or less in the same ballpark, alternatives to this one

Classes you can use within FullAlgorithm:


  This file is released under the GPL. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution,
  or go to

  CVS Info: $Date: 2009/07/24 08:46:59 $ 
  $Header: /media/Backup/Repos/opeal/opeal/Algorithm-Evolutionary/lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/,v 3.0 2009/07/24 08:46:59 jmerelo Exp $ 
  $Author: jmerelo $