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Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::GeneralGeneration - Customizable single generation for an evolutionary algorithm.


  #Taken from the t/general.t file, verbatim
  my $m = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Bitflip; #Changes a single bit
  my $c = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Crossover; #Classical 2-point crossover
  my $replacementRate = 0.3; #Replacement rate
  use Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::RouletteWheel;
  my $popSize = 20;
  my $selector = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::RouletteWheel $popSize; #One of the possible selectors
  use Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::GeneralGeneration;
  my $onemax = sub { 
    my $indi = shift;
    my $total = 0;
    for ( my $i = 0; $i < $indi->length(); $i ++ ) {
      $total += substr( $indi->{_str}, $i, 1 );
    return $total;
  my @pop;
  my $numBits = 10;
  for ( 0..$popSize ) {
    my $indi = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::BitString $numBits ; #Creates random individual
    my $fitness = $onemax->( $indi );
    $indi->Fitness( $fitness );
    push( @pop, $indi );
  my $generation = 
    new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::GeneralGeneration( $onemax, $selector, [$m, $c], $replacementRate );
  my @sortPop = sort { $a->Fitness() <=> $b->Fitness() } @pop;
  my $bestIndi = $sortPop[0];
  $generation->apply( \@sortPop );

Base Class



Genetic algorithm that uses the other component. Must take as input the operators thar are going to be used, along with its priorities


new( $evaluation_function, $selector, $ref_to_operator_array, $replacement_rate )

Creates an algorithm, with the usual operators. Includes a default mutation and crossover, in case they are not passed as parameters

set( $ref_to_params_hash, $ref_to_code_hash, $ref_to_operators_hash )

Sets the instance variables. Takes a ref-to-hash as input

apply( $population )

Applies the algorithm to the population, which should have been evaluated first; checks that it receives a ref-to-array as input, croaks if it does not. Returns a sorted, culled, evaluated population for next generation.



This file is released under the GPL. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution, or go to