Apache::PageKit::Model - Base Model Class


This class provides a base class for the Modules implementing the backend business logic for your web site.

This module also contains a wrapper to Data::FormValidator. It validates the form data from the Apache::Request object contained in the Apache::PageKit object.

When deriving classes from Apache::PageKit::Model, keep in mind that all methods and hash keys that begin with pkit_ are reserved for future use.


Method in derived class.

  sub my_method {
    my $model = shift;

    # get database handle, session
    my $dbh = $model->dbh;
    my $session = $model->session;

    # get inputs (from request parameters)
    my $foo = $model->input('bar');

    # do some processing


    # set outputs in template
    $model->output(result => $result);


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