App::Context::ModPerl - context in which we are currently running


   # ... official way to get a Context object ...
   use App;
   $context = App->context();
   $config = $context->config();   # get the configuration
   $config->dispatch_events();     # dispatch events

   # ... alternative way (used internally) ...
   use App::Context::ModPerl;
   $context = App::Context::ModPerl->new();


A Context class models the environment (aka "context) in which the current process is running. For the App::Context::ModPerl class, this models the web application runtime environments which is mod_perl (perl embedded in the Apache server). It gets events from HTTP user agents via the HTTP protocol and produces (mostly) HTML pages as output.

Protected Methods:

The following methods are intended to be called by subclasses of the current class.

Protected Methods

These methods are considered protected because no class is ever supposed to call them. They may however be called by the context-specific drivers.


    * Signature: $context->request()
    * Param:     void
    * Return:    void
    * Throws:    App::Exception
    * Since:     0.01

    Sample Usage: 


The request() method gets the current Request being handled in the Context.