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App::Context::Server - a runtime environment with a single master server and its subprocesses


   # ... official way to get a Context object ...
   use App;
   $context = App->context();
   $config = $context->config();   # get the configuration
   $config->dispatch_events();     # dispatch events

   # ... alternative way (used internally) ...
   use App::Context::Server;
   $context = App::Context::Server->new();


    * Signature: $self->wait_for_event($event_token)
    * Param:     $event_token     string
    * Return:    void
    * Throws:    App::Exception
    * Since:     0.01

    Sample Usage: 


The wait_for_event() method is called when an asynchronous event has been sent and no more processing can be completed before it is done.


The user() method returns the username of the authenticated user. The special name, "guest", refers to the unauthenticated (anonymous) user.

    * Signature: $username = $context->user();
    * Param:  void
    * Return: string
    * Throws: <none>
    * Since:  0.01

    Sample Usage: 

    $username = $context->user();