App::Exceptions - Creates all exception classes used in App.


  use App::Exceptions;


Using this class creates all the exceptions classes used by App (via the Exception::Class class). Stacktrace generation is turned on for all the exception classes.

See Exception::Class on CPAN for more information on how this is done.

Note that there is really only one general exception class defined for each App-Context Service. Within each Service, there may be a separate exception hierarchy which is more fine-grained. However, each service is responsible to (1) handle these exceptions, (2) handle these exceptions and rethrow the general exception defined for the service, or (3) derive all of the exceptions from the general exception.


  • App::Exception

    This is the base class for all exceptions generated within App (all exceptions should return true for $@->isa('App::Exception') except those that are generated via internal Perl errors).

  • App::Exception::Context

    Base class for all Context-related exceptions.

  • App::Exception::Conf

    Base class for all Conf-related exceptions.

  • App::Exception::Serializer

    Base class for all Serializer-related exceptions.

  • App::Exception::Security

    Base class for all Security-related exceptions.

  • App::Exception::Session

    Base class for all Session-related exceptions.

  • App::Exception::Procedure

    Base class for all Procedure-related exceptions.

  • App::Exception::Messaging

    Base class for all Messaging-related exceptions.

  • App::Exception::LogChannel

    Base class for all LogChannel-related exceptions.


 * Author: Stephen Adkins <>
 * Adapted from Dave Rolsky's Alzabo::Exceptions
 * License: This is free software. It is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.