App::Serializer::Html - Interface for serialization and deserialization


    use App;

    $context = App->context();
    $serializer = $context->service("Serializer");  # or ...
    $serializer = $context->serializer();
    $data = {
        an => 'arbitrary',
        collection => [ 'of', 'data', ],
        of => {
            arbitrary => 'depth',
    $html = $serializer->serialize($data);
    $data = $serializer->deserialize($html);
    print $serializer->dump($data), "\n";


A Serializer allows you to serialize a structure of data of arbitrary depth to a scalar and deserialize it back to the structure.

The Html serializer uses HTML data structure syntax as the serialized form of the data. It uses the Data::Dumper module from CPAN to perform the deserialization and serialization.