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App::Serializer::Json - Interface for serialization and deserialization


    use App;

    $context = App->context();
    $serializer = $context->service("Serializer");  # or ...
    $serializer = $context->serializer();
    $data = {
        an => 'arbitrary',
        collection => [ 'of', 'data', ],
        of => {
            arbitrary => 'depth',
    $json = $serializer->serialize($data);
    $data = $serializer->deserialize($json);
    print $serializer->dump($data), "\n";


A Serializer allows you to serialize a structure of data of arbitrary depth to a scalar and deserialize it back to the structure.

The Json serializer uses JSON data structure syntax as the serialized form of the data. It uses the JSON module from CPAN to perform the deserialization and serialization.