App::VW::Setup - setup a Squatting app for deployment via Continuity



  vw setup <App> [OPTION]...

Example: How to setup a Squatting app called 'Bavl'

  # Go to the directory your squatting app is in.
  cd /www/

  # Run the setup command
  sudo vw setup Bavl --port 6000

  # You should have 2 new files in your system, now:


The setup command installs 2 files into your system so that vw will be able to start your app as a daemonized server at boot time. See App::VW for details.


-p, --port=PORT

This is the port that the first process in the cluster will listen to. Its default value is 4000, but you should really specify one yourself.

-s, --size=SIZE

This is the number of processes in the cluster. Its default value is 1.

-m, --modules=PLUGIN

This option is used to specify which plugins you want your Squatting app to load before starting. You can use this option multiple times.


  sudo vw setup ChatterBox -m With::AccessTrace -m With::Log --port 9000