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CLIPSeqTools - A collection of tools for the analysis of CLIP-Seq data.


CLIPSeqTools provides tools for the analysis of CLIP-Seq data. Such datasets may come from HITS-CLIP, PAR-CLIP or iCLIP.


CLIPSeqTools is primarily a collection of scripts and execuables that can be used for the analysis of CLIP-Seq data. The tools cover a wide range of analysis, from general statistics like genome coverage to more complex analysis like the relative positioning of reads for two libraries. The toolbox is under heavy development and new tools are added on a daily basis.

Source code: The source has been deposited in GitHub https://github.com/palexiou/GenOO-CLIP. Contribute: Please fork the GitHub repository and provide patches, features or tests. Bugs: Please open issues in the GitHub repository https://github.com/palexiou/GenOO-CLIP/issues