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CPAN::Mirror::Tiny - create partial CPAN mirror (a.k.a. DarkPAN)


  use CPAN::Mirror::Tiny;

  my $cpan = CPAN::Mirror::Tiny->new(base => "./darkpan");

  $cpan->write_index(compress => 1);

  # $ find darkpan -type f
  # darkpan/authors/id/S/SK/SKAJI/App-cpm-0.112.tar.gz
  # darkpan/authors/id/V/VE/VENDOR/Carl-0.01-ff194fe.tar.gz
  # darkpan/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz


CPAN::Mirror::Tiny helps you create partial CPAN mirror (also known as DarkPAN).

There is also a command line interface cpan-mirror-tiny for CPAN::Mirror::Tiny.


Yes, we already have great CPAN modules which create CPAN mirror.

CPAN::Mini, OrePAN2, WorePAN ...

I want to use such modules in CPAN clients. Actually I used OrePAN2 in Carl, which can install modules in or any servers.

Then minimal dependency and no dependency on XS modules is critical. Unfortunately existing CPAN mirror modules depend on XS modules.

This is why I made CPAN::Mirror::Tiny.



  my $cpan = CPAN::Mirror::Tiny->new(%option)

Constructor. %option may be:

  • base

    Base directory for cpan mirror. If $ENV{PERL_CPAN_MIRROR_TINY_BASE} is set, it will be used. This is required.

  • tempdir

    Temp directory. Default File::Temp::tempdir(CLEANUP => 1).


  # automatically guess $source
  $cpan->inject($source, \%option)

  # or explicitly call inject_* method
  $cpan->inject_local('/path/to//Your-Module-0.01.tar.gz'', {author => 'YOU'});
  $cpan->inject_local_file('/path/to//Your-Module-0.01.tar.gz'', {author => 'YOU'});
  $cpan->inject_local_directory('/path/to/cpan/dir', {author => 'YOU'});

  $cpan->inject_http('', {author => 'YOU'});

  $cpan->inject_git('git://', {author => 'SKAJI'});

  $cpan->inject_cpan('Plack', {version => '1.0039'});

Inject $source to our cpan mirror directory. $source is one of

  • local tar.gz path / directory

      $cpan->inject('/path/to/Module.tar.gz', { author => "SKAJI" });
      $cpan->inject('/path/to/dir',           { author => "SKAJI" });
  • http url of tar.gz

      $cpan->inject('', { author => "DUMMY" });
  • git url (with optional ref)

      $cpan->inject('git://', { author => "SKAJI", ref => '0.114' });
  • cpan module

      $cpan->inject('cpan:Plack', {version => '1.0039'});

As seeing from the above examples, you can specify author in \%option. If you omit author, default VENDOR is used.

CAUTION: Currently, the distribution name for git repository is something like S/SK/SKAJI/Carl-0.01-9188c0e.tar.gz, where 0.01 is the version and 9188c0e is git rev-parse --short HEAD.


  my $index_string = $cpan->index

Get the index (a.k.a. 02packages.details.txt) of our cpan mirror.


  $cpan->write_index( compress => bool )

Write the index to $base/modules/02packages.details.txt or base/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz .


How can I install modules in my DarkPAN with cpanm / cpm?

cpanm is an awesome CPAN client. If you want to install modules in your DarkPAN with cpanm, there are 2 ways.

First way:

  cpanm --cascade-search \
    --mirror-index /path/to/darkpan/modules/02packages.details.txt \
    --mirror /path/to/darkpan \
    --mirror \

Second way:

  cpanm --mirror-only \
    --mirror /path/to/darkpan \
    --mirror \

If you use cpm, then:

  cpm install -r 02packages,file:///path/to/drakpan -r metadb Your::Module


Copyright 2016 Shoichi Kaji <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.